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Aggressive Representation in Birth Injury Cases

Seven of every 1000 births result in a birth injury and many of these are caused by medical malpractice.  Some women have a pelvis that is too small for a natural birth. When this occurs the baby’s head can get stuck in the birth canal and be shut off from oxygen.  This results in nerve damage and sometimes cerebral palsy.  The obstetrician should have anticipated this situation and performed a Caesarian section. Where there is a breech birth, the arm can be paralyzed as the result of stress on the shoulder and the nerves involved, termed a brachial plexus injury. The obstetrician should have observed the positioning of baby and performed a Caesarian section.

During pregnancy the baby receives every drug the mother does through the blood and other body systems.  In spite of this fact, many medical and psychiatric professionals still prescribe anti-depressants to pregnant mothers.  The effects of these drugs can permanently damage the child. If your baby has suffered a birth injury, you are urged to seek compensation by contacting a Bronx personal injury attorney.

Bronx Birth Injury Attorney

At The Felicetti Law Firm, we are committed to helping parents obtain all the compensation they need for their baby suffering from birth injuries. Our lead attorney Mr. Felicetti has over 22 years of legal experience with many multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts for clients in the Bronx. When we take on a case, we are aware of the difficulties involved in proving medical malpractice, and immediately preserve the evidence and witness statements in the case.  We conduct a thorough investigation to build our case.  We then contact the medical malpractice insurance company to negotiate a settlement.  We do everything in our power to work out a fair settlement but if the insurance company refuses to act in good faith, we take the case to court to achieve justice.  We are committed to our clients and their child and will not back down.

Contact a Bronx birth injury attorney at the firm if you seek aggressive representation of your birth injury claim.

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