Slip and Fall Accident Attorney in Bronx

Zealous Representation in Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can be very serious.  When a person is moving forward quickly and then falls headlong, the person hits the floor with full force.  Back, spine, knee and head injuries can result.  At The Felicetti Law Firm we are dedicated to helping you get all the compensation you require including medical expenses, ambulance costs, hospitalization, loss of income and pain and suffering.   Our lead attorney Mr. Felicetti has over 22 years experience practicing in the state courts and is available to meet with you directly regarding your claim.  You are urged to contact a personal injury attorney in the Bronx.

Slip and Fall Accidents

These accidents can occur at a neighbor’s home, a store or amusement park.  The neighbor has a duty to warn you of dangers he or she is aware of.  A business such as a store or amusement park must actively inspect for pools of water or slippery floors and take immediate action to correct the situation.  In the meantime the business needs to post a notice warning of the danger. A personal injury lawyer is crucial in any slip & fall injury case.

Slip and Fall Accident Attorney in the Bronx

The legal team at the firm is dedicated to ensuring that clients suffering from slip and fall accidents receive top quality representation.  When we take on a case, we make a full investigation of the accident.  We inspect the accident site and interview witnesses.  We have our client visit his or her physician to receive treatment.  If the client cannot find a physician, we arrange for an excellent one to treat the client and wait until recovery to be paid.  We then approach the insurance company to negotiate settlement. Our lead attorney used to work for some of the biggest insurance companies in the industry and knows their tactics intimately.  We make every effort to work out a fair settlement but if they fail to satisfy the claim fairly, we are ready to take the case to court to seek maximum settlement.

Contact a Bronx Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer at the firm for vigorous representation of your lawsuit for damages.

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