Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Personal Injury Lawyer in the Bronx

Motorcycle accident injuries are often life changing and catastrophic.  Death in a motorcycle accident is more common than in car accidents.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, you need an attorney who is experienced in motorcycle accident injury cases and claims to get the best results.  It is critical that you contact a Bronx personal injury attorney from the legal team at The Felicetti Law Firm as early after the injury as possible.

Since motorcycle accident injuries can include spinal cord injuries, fractures, disfigurement, paralysis, brain damage, amputations, severe abrasions, and other devastating injuries, it is important that you get the settlement you deserve, and that you have full compensation for all current and future treatments and other damages.  Often motorcycle accidents victims undergo extensive medical treatment, surgeries, and physical therapy.  Wage loss, huge medical bills, and future medical bills will be at high cost, all of which should be recovered through a claim filed on your behalf.

Motorcycle Injury Cases and Claims

The Felicetti Law Firm provides aggressive service to our injured clients.  Our legal team will talk one on one with our clients directly, and provide unmatched personal service in injury claims.  You can talk directly with your attorney, not an assistant.  We know Bronx County; why work with attorneys from other areas when you can work a local Bronx attorney with a proven record in claims?

Aggressive, knowledgeable and experienced lawyers are needed to ask the right questions, send you to the best clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and specialists for your type of injury.   It is helpful to have an attorney with a considerable understanding of various medical procedures, tests, and who is committed to your case and your future. We don’t back off and will aggressively pursue the maximum compensation for damages in your settlement.

Contact a Bronx motorcycle accident lawyer at the firm for vigorous representation in your motorcycle accident injury claim.