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In New York there are approximately 500 injuries from motor vehicle accidents reported each day. If you have been in a car, bus, truck, motorcycle or other vehicular accident, you know that an accident only occurs because someone was careless or irresponsible or driving dangerously. Any car accident could change the victims’ lives forever, or in the most tragic cases, the injuries are fatal and the innocent victim loses their lives. Even minor Injuries are painful and require time taken out of your life for treatment and healing. In some cases returning to your normal life just isn’t possible. Don’t depend on the generosity of the other driver’s insurance company to make them step up and help you. That is not the way to obtain fair compensation for your injuries. Talk to a Bronx personal injury lawyer about filing a claim today. Time to file your claim is limited.

Car Accident Lawyer in the Bronx

Traffic accidents injuries are not always a simple matter of the other driver making a dreadful mistake, although this is often the case. These accidents may be the result of poor road maintenance which creates a hazard, automobile defects, defective automobile components, drunk driving, overly medicated while driving, and other contributing causes. These are called “third party” negligence. That rear-end accident may have been the result of faulty maintenance by a repairman or defective brakes or tires. A driver overmedicated by a doctor can easily lose control of his vehicle. An experienced Bronx car accident lawyer with our firm has the know-how to conduct a thorough investigation to identify the person or entity that is liable for your injuries.

Once the actual cause of your accident is known, our legal team at The Felicetti Law Firm, P.C. will take prompt action in getting your claim for damages filed. We realize that no amount of money can fully compensate your loss, especially in the case of a fatal accident. Seeking justice through a wrongful death claim filed on behalf of the family is important in such cases. However, receiving the compensation you deserve can give you the time to recover from your injuries and rebuild your life. Don’t wait to discuss your accident with a skilled and aggressive car accident lawyer who will fight for your future. Call The Felicetti Law Firm right away for a free consultation.

Contact a Bronx car accident lawyer with our firm at once to begin the process of recovering the compensation you are owed.

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