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Injured on Another’s Premises?

A landowner owes a duty of care to make his or her premises safe for others.  If you have been injured on another’s property due to their negligence, you are urged to consult a personal injury attorney in the Bronx.   The issue of premises liability is complicated.  The level of care varies according to whether the injured person is a trespasser, guest or business invitee.  The attorney can assess your situation and advise you of your rights.

Premises Liability – Levels of Responsibility

The lowest level of care is to a trespasser.  Nevertheless even the trespasser has some rights to compensation.  A landowner with a swimming pool must secure the pool with a fence or cover or be liable for swimming injuries to trespassing children in the neighborhood.  The next level of care is that of the homeowner inviting a guest into his or her home.  The homeowner has a duty to warn the guest of known dangers such as a missing step on stairs or unstable railing. The highest level of care is that of a business to its customers.  Here there is a duty to inspect for dangers and to correct them immediately.  In the meantime warnings must be given.  As an example, a grocery store must regularly inspect for products that have fallen into aisles or pools of water on the floor that may cause a fall.

Bronx Premises Liability Attorney

At The Felicetti Law Firm we provide aggressive representation to clients injured on the premises of another.  When we take on a case, we make a thorough investigation of what happened including an examination of the site and interviewing of witnesses.  Then we bring action for damages.  In the case of suits against neighbors, we would normally not be asking the neighbors to pay out of pocket but seeking damages from their homeowner’s insurance company. We have over 22 years of practice in the New York state courts and have successfully negotiated many multi-million dollar settlements and judgments for clients in the Bronx.

Contact a Premises Liability Lawyer in the Bronx at the firm 24/7 for zealous representation of your premises liability claim.

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