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Injury Cases and Claims

The legal team at The Felicetti Law Firm, P.C. has gained a reputation for one of the most aggressive personal injury law firms in Bronx County, and offers a free case evaluation to help you determine how to move forward with your claim. It is crucial that our firm is contacted as early as possible after an injury so that we can carefully document your case and obtain all the evidence of negligence, the damages suffered and other vital information to support your claim. When we take on a case, we are fully committed to seeking the maximum compensation for our clients; we truly believe that you deserve every type of compensation possible and will aggressively pursue a settlement on your behalf. Our Bronx personal injury lawyer is prepared to review your case. When you choose The Felicetti Law Firm, your case will be handled by a Bronx Personal Injury Lawyer. Scott A. Felicetti, Esq. of The Felicetti Law Firm is a Bronx Lawyer. He Knows how to obtain the large case award you deserve for your Bronx case.

Personal Injury Lawyer in the Bronx

The firm provides experienced and proven legal representation to injured victims and their families in all types of personal injury cases, including but not limited to those involving car accidents, car accident injuries, such as a rear-end accident, head-on accident, texting while driving, drunk driving accident, motorcycle accidents, uninsured motorist, motorcycle accident injuries, truck accidents, 18 wheeler accident, tired driver, wrongful death, birth injuries, burn injuries, construction accidents, dangerous drugs, medical malpractice, premises liability, dog bites, slip & fall, nursing home abuse, and serious workers compensation injury cases.

We have garnered a reputation in the community as one of the most aggressive personal injury law firms in the area, and our background working for large insurance companies allows us the insight into their procedures in paying claims that benefits our clients. We know exactly what they will do to try to reduce or deny your claim, and we carefully protect your right to the settlement you deserve.

In serious injury cases, the outcome of the claim is critical. The injured victim will potentially require a lifetime of medical care, nursing, extensive treatment and rehabilitation and may never be able to earn a living. They deserve the very best of medical care and compensation that will allow them to have the best possible quality of life after a serious or catastrophic injury. We will demand a settlement that is fair, and if our demands are not met, a Bronx Injury Lawyer from our office will take the case to court to get a judgment against the negligent individual or corporation.

Contact a Bronx personal injury lawyer from our firm at once if you or a loved one has been the victim of negligence or a breach of duty and suffered an injury. Speaking to a Bronx Lawyer from The Felicetti Firm will enable you to receive Bronx Justice.