Burn Injury Lawyer in Bronx

Suffering from Burn Injury?

At The Felicetti Law Firm, we provide vigorous representation for clients in the Bronx.  We want our clients suffering from burn injuries to have all the compensation they need to fully recover and put their lives back together.  This may include medical expenses, hospital bills, loss of income and pain and suffering damages.  If a loved one has died from burn injuries, we seek wrongful death compensation for the family.  If you or a family member has suffered a burn injury, we urge you to contact a Bronx personal injury attorney for help.

Burn Injury Claims

Where you have suffered burn injuries due to the negligence of another, you are entitled to compensation.  This could be from a landlord’s failure to maintain smoke detectors or fire extinguishers.  It could be from an electrical contractor putting wiring in wrong.  It could be from defectively manufactured vehicle that explodes in an accident.

Burn injuries include external burns on the skin as well as internal damage to the body from smoke inhalation.  Treatment often requires extensive care including skin grafting and other plastic surgery, often taking years with varying results for the patient. These treatments are incredibly painful for the victim, and their lives are forever altered. Addressing all these factors in a comprehensive claim filed by our legal team can be crucial with regard to the final case outcome.

Burn Injury Lawyer in the Bronx

The legal team at The Felicetti Law Firm is experienced at representing clients with burn injuries for full compensation.  We conduct a full investigation including an inspection of the incident and interviewing of witnesses.  As needed we call in accident reconstruction experts to establish the cause of the accident and build our cause for liability.  We advise our clients to contact their personal physician for treatment.   If clients have difficulty obtaining treatment, we can arrange top quality burn physicians and clinics that will wait until settlement to be compensated.

We have won many multi-million settlements and verdicts for clients in the Bronx. We urge you to contact us for an immediate, free consultation with our lead attorney. You may call us 24/7.  You pay no fees until recovery.

Contact a Bronx burn injury attorney at the firm for aggressive representation.

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