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About Rear-End Accident Claims

Rear-end accidents are an everyday occurrence on busy streets.  The use of smart phones while behind the wheel, and drivers who are engaged in texting while driving has increased the incidence of negligent driving throughout Bronx County. Most are minor fender-benders which cause some property damage and little else.  Unfortunately, the injuries which result from even a simple rear-end impact involve soft tissue damage makes itself felt hours or days later through neck pain, headaches, numbness or other symptoms.  So a person may feel fine immediately, but notice discomfort and pain a few days later.  No matter how slight the collision was, you need to immediately see a doctor and then seek legal representation from a Bronx personal injury attorney.

Rear-End Accident Lawyer in the Bronx

When a rear-end impact occurs, the occupants of the front vehicle are thrown backwards and then forwards.  This can cause the neck muscles and nerves to be stretched abnormally.  The resulting injuries can be both painful and long lasting.  A rear-end collision which pushes the front vehicle into another vehicle or a stationary object in front of it can be much more traumatic.  The damage to the soft tissue throughout the neck and back can be extensive, leaving the victim unable to function at normal daily tasks. Some cases will result in a permanent disability.  Insurance companies have for decades tried to convince victims and juries that soft tissue injuries are more myth than fact.  It takes a skilled car accident lawyer to fight for and obtain fair compensation for this kind of an injury.

Your inconvenience, lost wages, pain and suffering, inability to function at home or at work and other losses should be compensated when caused by a careless driver’s negligence.  Our legal team knows the Bronx and what it takes to win a case.  Talk to a seasoned personal injury lawyer at The Felicetti Law Firm about your accident and filing your claim for damages.

Contact a Bronx car accident attorney at our firm who is committed to seeking the maximum in compensation.

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