Uninsured Motorist Accident Attorney in Bronx

Aggressive Representation For Uninsured Motorist Injury Claims

An uninsured motorist is a driver who does not have liability insurance in case of a car accident. If you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver it may be very difficult to recover monetary compensation for your medical expenses, repairs to your vehicle, and other accident related expenses.  Since the other party has no insurance, you will have to seek compensation from your own insurance company.   Without the assistance of a skilled attorney, the insurance companies often will underpay, delay, or wrongfully deny payment of benefits to their own policyholders.  If you have been injured or your vehicle was damaged in a collision with an uninsured motorist, please immediately contact the legal team at The Felicetti Law Firm.

The attorney from the firm will carefully protect your interests, demanding that your insurance company fully compensate you for all your damages including medical expenses, future medical treatments, and pain and suffering, based upon the circumstances and damages in your case.  Even if your insurance company appears to be interested in your welfare, you should realize that they their concern is the company’s bottom line, stockholder profits and not you and your future.  They may not be concerned about your interests in uninsured motorist cases.   You are urged to contact a Bronx personal injury lawyer from our firm to manage your case.

Our legal team is unique in that we provide real personal service to our clients.  We are aggressive in pursuing your best interests.  Unlike many other attorneys, we are hands-on and use real people, not answering machines or annoying computer questionnaires.  You will work directly to your attorney, not a clerk, receptionist or secretary.  We know what you need.  Why work with attorneys from other areas when you can work with local Bronx attorneys who really know Bronx County?

An aggressive, knowledgeable and experienced lawyer is needed to ask the right questions, send you to the best clinics and specialist for your particular type of injury.   Our legal team has a considerable understanding of medicine and reading and correctly interpreting medical records.  If the attorney is weak or inexperienced, you may get less money and fail to get you or your loved one necessary medical care, and a fair settlement.  Our seasoned legal team has the necessary experience and training to properly present your case and you may be eligible to receive recover compensation.

Contact a Bronx car accident lawyer at the firm for aggressive representation of your uninsured motorist claim.

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