Drunk Driving Accident Attorney in Bronx

Concerning Drunk Driving Accidents

Collisions with drunk drivers very often result in severe injuries.  Whether you were in your own car or a taxicab, this kind of a traffic accident can cause a lot of difficulties in your life.  A driver who gets behind the wheel after drinking is vulnerable to a criminal charge when there is a car accident.  If you suffered injuries in an accident caused by a drunk driver, you are owed compensation for your injuries which a criminal prosecution will not provide.  It is vital that you talk with a Bronx personal injury attorney who is aggressive and will fight for you.

Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer in the Bronx

Medical bills mount up quickly and can reach into the hundreds of thousands over a few months of treatment.  According to personal injury law, when another individual has harmed you, he or she is responsible for paying all of your costs.  Even if you think the other driver may not be able to pay for your expense, his insurance company can.  Also, when a drunk driver was served alcohol in a restaurant, club or some other business after he or she was intoxicated, that business may be held responsible under the “Dram Shop” law.  An experienced drunk driving lawyer with our firm will investigate your accident for you and find out who is responsible and what types of damages should be sought before filing your claim for damages.

In cases of severe injury, the victim is not capable of returning to their normal life, including their job and former activities.  Your claim for damages would also claim lost wages and future lost wages, your medical expenses past and future, as well as pain and suffering as well as other damages.  A personal injury lawyer with our firm has decades of experience, understands what you are facing and will aggressively demand full compensation for all of your losses.  Call The Felicetti Law Firm for a free consultation.

Contact a Bronx drunk driving accident attorney with our firm is determined to obtain the maximum compensation for an injured client.

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