Texting While Driving Accident Attorney in Bronx

Negligent Drivers and Texting: Injury Cases

Driver distraction is a more common cause of car accidents and serious injury than drunk driving accidents.  Drivers have always been subject to numerous distractions while driving.  This has escalated with the increase in cell phone use and texting.  Texting requires more attention than simply talking.  This newest distraction has been determined by some studies to be as dangerous as drunk driving.  If you have been injured in a car crash because the other driver was texting, you need to talk with a Bronx personal injury attorney right away.

Texting While Driving Lawyer in the Bronx

In November 2009 it became illegal to text and drive in the state of New York.  Drivers who ignore the law and risk their own lives and the lives of everyone else on the road to read or send a text message are considered negligent under the law.  They could potentially be prosecuted in criminal court for doing this.  Unfortunately, if you have medical bills and lost income as a result of your injuries, a criminal prosecution won’t give you any financial relief.  You must demand compensation through the civil court system.  An experienced personal injury lawyer from our legal team will preserve the evidence and prepare your claim for damages.

Your claim should include property damage for your vehicle, medical expenses, future medical expenses, therapy, pain and suffering, and all other directly related losses and costs.  Our legal team is committed to holding negligent drivers accountable for the injuries they cause.  We understand the difficulties an injured person in facing during the recovery period and make ourselves available to answer questions and assist with concerns.  Talk to an aggressive personal injury lawyer at our firm today.  Call The Felicetti Law Firm for a consultation at no charge.

Contact a Bronx texting accident attorney at our firm who is committed to getting justice for a client who has been injured by a negligent driver.

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