18 Wheeler Accident Attorney in Bronx

 Bronx Truck Accident Attorney

18 wheeler accidents are one of the most deadly types of truck accidents, often resulting in permanent or fatal injuries, multiple victims and complex legal situations. If you or a loved one has been injured in an 18 wheeler accident, you need an attorney who is experienced and has a proven record in recovering compensation from commercial insurance companies.  A Bronx personal injury lawyer from The Felicetti Law Firm has extensive qualifications in this complex area of injury law. Formerly employed by large insurance companies, our lead attorney has a deep insight into how to seek the maximum possible compensation in 18 wheeler injury cases.

Protecting Your Right to Compensation

Insurance companies act in the best interest of their clients, and this is the trucking company, not the injured victim. Protecting your rights with legal representation from our firm is critical in any such case. Insurance company representatives usually attempt to persuade injured accident victims to settle for less. The injured victims or their families are often contacted early after the accident in the hopes that they will not have time to get an attorney.

Protecting your right to fair compensation is crucial in any such injury case. It is vital that you get the guidance from our experienced attorney to manage your case and ensure that you avoid the pitfalls of facing big insurance companies on your own. The law is on the side of injured victims, and we will insist on fair treatment in serious truck accident cases.

Often 18 wheeler accident victims will require extensive medical treatment, surgeries, and physical therapy. In the most tragic cases, the injured victim will have permanent injuries, requiring a lifetime of medical and nursing care.  Addressing these cases is a complex legal matter, and it is critical to the future health and finances of the victim that they receive a settlement that will cover all the damages they suffered, both for the actual hard costs and the non-economic damages.

Contact a Bronx truck accident lawyer at the firm for vigorous representation of your 18 wheeler accident claim.

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